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Lineup | Theatre | The Polish Community Theatre “Miniature” after J. Szaniawski Inc
Melbourne, Australia

The Polish Community Theatre „Miniature” after J. Szaniawski Inc is a Polish amateur theatre operating in Melbourne. It was founded in 2011 by Polish theatre director, playwright, songwriter and broadcaster Stefan Mrowiński.

Theatre “Miniature” presents Polish plays, poetry, cabaret shows and other forms of stage performance. It performs in Polish Community cultural centres, Polish retirement homes and other venues, as well as participating in events organised by other Polish organisations, like charitable concerts, the Polish Seniors Poetry Competition, the 2018 and 2019 sessions of the Polish National Reading Day (an initiative of the President of Poland), etc.

The purpose of the Theatre is to develop and maintain cultural activities for the Polish community, to create and present theatre productions based on original literary traditions of Polish culture, to provide opportunities for members of Polish community to participate in cultural activities, and to attract Polish youth in order to maintain involvement in Polish language and culture.

The membership of the Theatre is currently 26 people, half of whom are active actors, the rest invaluable supporters without whom we could not operate.