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Wieslaw Rogolinski

Lineup | MUSIC | Wiesław RogoliŃski
Sydney, Australia

Wiesław’s career in the performing arts started in 2000 with the Polish Catholic Choir “Polonia” Sydney. Since then, he has taken part in many Polish patriotic commemoration events such as Independence Days, the Polish Uprising and Solidarity. In 2009 he joined the cabaret group “Vis a Vis” where he performed as a singer and comedian. In 2015 he joined Teatr Fantazja where he performs to this day. He has been a performer at many Polish community excursions and outings where he plays the guitar, provides comic relief and recites poetry. Wiesław loves the music and stylings of the inter-war Warsaw songs (Apasz), the lyrics and ballads of regional Polish Highlands and songs of old Eastern Poland (Lvov and Vilnius).