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Dominik Rawdanowicz

Lineup | MUSIC | Dominik Rawdanowicz
Melbourne, Australia

Dominik Rawdanowicz is a young performer born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. From birth he has kept in touch with his Polish heritage; learning to speak Polish before English, going to Polish Saturday school and Polish Church, singing and playing Polish music, being a part of a Polish folkloric dance group and participating in many Polish traditions with his family. Dominik found his musical talent at a young age and throughout his schooling has studied the trumpet, cello and voice.

Dominik’s repertoire covers many genres including classical, modern and jazz music. He also enjoys playing and performing with his very musical family where he has even learnt to play the accordion to cater for the traditional Polish music they enjoy playing.

Dominik is excited to be able to showcase his talents and perform a sample of his repertoire at PolArt.