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Helen Topor

Lineup | LITERATURE | Helen Topor
Canberra, Australia

Helen Topor is a Canberra-based author, freelance editor and mentor. A former lecturer at the Canberra Institute of Technology, she is a Voluntary Guide at the National Gallery of Australia. Her publications include Outdoor Games for Today’s Kids (2017) and Discovering Vermeer: A Passionate Quest (2018). She has presented conference papers on comparative education, multicultural education, training opportunities in editing, and the interiority of Johannes Vermeer’s female subjects. Her articles on artists, exhibitions, and artworks at the National Gallery of Australia have been published in the NGA’s News and Views.

The Polish Museum and Archives of Australia’s Rocznik 2022 panel is considering publishing her paper titled ‘Weaving a non-celebratory migrant narrative.’ This paper has drawn interest from the editors of Kuryer Polski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently, she is preparing a conference paper for the Independent Scholars of Australia Association, also based on Neither King Nor Saint, her second memoir.