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Eliza Anna Falkiewicz

Lineup | LITERATURE | Eliza Anna Falkiewicz
Sydney, Australia

Warsaw-born Eliza Anna Falkiewicz, a graduate of Sydney and Warsaw Universities (BSW and MA British Film and TV), settled in Sydney in 1982. Her career includes work for the Australian government (including diplomatic postings to Moscow and Warsaw); and since 2013, theater-related work: in Washington DC (as a Literary Associate for Ambassador Theater and a theater reviewer for DCMetroTheaterArts) and Sydney. Her book of poems ‘Lekcje miłości’, encompassing poetry written since teenage years, was published in 2019. Since then Eliza has performed for Polish audiences in Warsaw, USA and Sydney, presenting her poetry and songs in a stage show ‘Lekcje miłości – kochajmy się!’. Following her Sydney shows co-performed with Teatr Fantazja, she joined the theater as a singing actress and was cast as Fruzia in Fredro’s Damy i Huzary staged in 2022.