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Ela Chylewska

Lineup | LITERATURE | Ela Chylewska
Sydney, Australia

Ela Chylewska, (born in Szczecin, Poland) lives in Sydney, where for 36 years she worked at the State Library of NSW.

Ela’s first poetic debut was in 1986 in the magazine “Tu i tam” published in Melbourne, followed by two books of poems:  “Apetyt na Raj” (1994) and  “Za brama Raju” (2006). 

Her works were also published in a collective publication “Ta ziemia: wybór prozy i poezji”  (”This land: selection of prose and poetry”) in 2015.

In Poland her poems were published in anthologies: “Zielona zima” (“Green winter”), “Dojrzewanie w miłości” (“Maturing in love”) and in the literary magazine “Metafora” (‘Metaphor’).

Ela writes scripts and stage adaptations for children and adults, lyrical and satirical poems.

Since 2004 she is a member of Teatr Fantazja, where she performs as an actress and songwriter.

Ela is involved with the Polish section of SBS radio and the ExPress The Australian-Polish Magazine.