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Anna Winczura

Lineup | LITERATURE | Anna Winczura Modzelewski
Melbourne, Australia

Anna Winczura Modzelewski was born in Szczecin, Poland where she spent her early years. As a child, she expressed a great interest in literature. Her inspiration to write poetry was Jan Brzechwa, who awoke in her a desire to write. From 1976, when Anna graduated from technical school, in her heart grew a passion for poetry, which she wrote in her spare time. In 1978, Anna married her friend, who she shared a school bench with. In 1981 they left Poland for West Berlin where they lived for five years. During their stay in Germany, the young author wrote journals entitled “The Rainbow of Life”. She later released collections of her poetry, “Scattered Poems”, “Poems from afar” and “Here and Now”. After settling in Australia, Anna wrote another two books, “Come for coffee” and “Four stages of people’s lives”. Both books describe the life situations of people from different backgrounds and contain good advice for life itself.