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Lineup | Dance | The Polish Song & Dance Ensemble Rzeszowiacy of Newcastle
Newcastle, Australia

The Polish Song and Dance Ensemble “Rzeszowiacy” of Newcastle is the latest embodiment of Polish folkloric dance in Newcastle. It is based on the work of those that have gone before, the youth club dance group of the 1960’s and then starting in 1973 the Polish Folkloric Ensemble “Kujawy” of Newcastle. “Kujawy” established an exemplary reputation for authenticity and excellence, performing at a wide variety of events, festivals and concerts throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region. It performed in seven Shell/Qantas Folkloric Festivals at the Sydney Opera House and in the first six PolArt festivals. It then suspended its activities after 1999, becoming a social group thereafter. During a reunion of members in 2019, then Artistic Director Paul Nowak expressed an ambition to create a new ensemble. After much delay, caused by Covid-19, in May 2022 this came to fruition. The group utilises experience in teaching and administration of former dancers and vitality and exuberance of new members. To distinguish a new generation of dancers a new name and vision was needed. Thus “Rzeszowiacy” came into existence, taking its name from the region of Rzeszów, earthy in temperament and humour, with lively and dynamic robust dances.