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Lineup | Dance | Orlęta Polish Dance Ensemble
Wellington, New Zealand

Orlęta is a Polish folkloric dance group for children and youth in Wellington, New Zealand. Members’ ages currently range from 3 – 16 years. The group was founded in 1994 by Ela Rombel and parents of the Polish School in Wellington, New Zealand with the purpose of introducing young people to the beautiful music, traditions and folkloric dances of Poland. Orlęta aims to promote among young Polish New Zealanders, a sense of identity and a chance to share their joy of dance. 

Orlęta members aren’t only dancers, they are young ambassadors for the Polish community in NZ. They share in the welcoming of visiting dignitaries, laying of wreaths, attend ceremonies, entertain at celebrations and add colour to special occasions through vibrant costumes and performances. Participating in these events helps ensure the continuation of Polish cultural traditions and engages members for future participation in PolArt. 

Orlęta have organised workshops, hosted visiting dance groups, featured at numerous Polish events, celebrations, festivals, multicultural days, schools, homes for the elderly and at reunions and is best known for its biennial musical theatre shows which feature and showcase their Polish dances.

Orlęta has performed in many New Zealand cities, as well as at a number of PolArts and children’s festivals in Australia, either as an entity or in support of New Zealand group Lublin. 

Orlęta’s repertoire is based on both traditional and contemporary themes and the challenge for their instructors is to come up with new and interesting dances.