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Lineup | Dance | Polish Song & Dance Company of Brisbane “Obertas”
Brisbane, Australia

OBERTAS was formed in early 1982 for the initial purpose of performing in the Opening Ceremony of the Brisbane Commonwealth Games. Since its inception, OBERTAS has given hundreds of concert performances in southeast Queensland as well as in capital cities around Australia and New Zealand, participating in television appearances, numerous PolArt Festivals, Queensland multicultural festivals, Shell Folkloric Concerts and World Expo ’88. OBERTAS has co-hosted three highly successful PolArt Festivals in Brisbane (PolArt 88, PolArt 2000 and PolArt 2018).

Under the artistic direction of its founder and choreographer, Henry Kurylewski, OBERTAS has taught hundreds of members, young and old, past and present, the basics of classical dance as the foundation for a vast repertoire of songs and dances from a diverse range of Polish regions including Cieszyn, Kaszuby, Kielce, Kraków, Kujawy, Kurpie, Łowicz, Lublin, Opoczno, Podhale, Podlasie, Rzeszów, Śląsk, Wielkopolska and historic contexts including Noc Świętojańska, Księstwo Warszawskie and the Polish Nobility. In 2022 OBERTAS continues to premier spectacular showpieces of Polish folklore in south-east Queensland.

Our slogan is: “Dusza młodości – nadzieja przyszłości” meaning “Spirit of Youth – Hope for the Future”.