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LINEUP | Dance | Lajkonik Polish Song And Dance Ensemble
Sydney, Australia

Passion, energy, camaraderie, effort, commitment, respect, and love of Polish tradition and culture. This is the essence of “Lajkonik”, established 32 years ago, and shining through every performance. The Ensemble has 60 dancers, in 4 groups based on age and skills levels. Urszula Lang is the foundress/Artistic Director, assisted by a management committee of senior dancers and parents. After participating in 10 PolArt Festivals and travelling 6 times to Festivals in Zywiec and Rzeszow in Poland, the group is popular for its active and indefatigable contribution to Polish and multicultural community life in Sydney. “Lajkonik” is the only Ensemble in history to have performed on the summit of Mt Kosciuszko and has been a key player in all Kosciuszko Festivals in the Snowy Mountains Region since 1990. In 2018, “Lajkonik” organised the Inaugural Polish Children’s Festival in Marayong, which involved groups from NZ, Canberra and Sydney. Also In 2017, Lajkonik performed in Christchurch and Wellington as part of a NZ tour.  Other special performances occurred in Canberra in 2021, where “Lajkonik” performed for the highest-ranking officials representing the international community at the invitation of the Polish Ambassador during a reception to celebrate the 230th Anniversary of the Polish Constitution. Lajkonik presents a unique vocal programme as part of its PolArt repertoire with a Senior Choir and junior vocal and instrumental groups in various combinations and individual artists.  Vocal directors are Bozena Szymanska and Bernadeta Zychowska. Recently Lajkonik travelled to Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory for a special concert.