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Lineup | Dance | Kujawy Sydney
Sydney, Australia

Kujawy Sydney was founded in 1976.  We have a large and varied repertoire of dances from many regions of Poland; some of these include Suita Śląska, Góralski, Krakowiak, Śieradz, Polka and Ślubny Kujawiak along with modern dances to Polish music e.g. My Słowianie and Mama Ostrzegła.  Kujawy’s unique dances can be attributed to the wonderful artistic direction of choreographers Wieslawa and Marek Wojnicz (former members of the Polish State Dance Ensemble ‘Śląsk’).

Kujawy Sydney has attended all PolArt Festivals since inception. The group has performed in Spain, New Zealand, twice at the Rzeszów Festival in Poland and in many Polish and multi-cultural functions and festivals.

Kujawy have dedicated dancers, parents and committee led by Jolanta Zurawski as President and Zosia Cyganiuk as Vice-President.