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About PolArt

The largest Polish arts festival outside Poland returns to Sydney

Polish art and culture enlightens and entertains audiences globally. Centuries of leading contributions to the arts have woven a rich tapestry through time. From composer Frederic Chopin through director Andrzej Wajda, to internationally-acclaimed artistic ensembles such as Mazowsze and Śląsk – Poland’s contribution to music, film and dance is world-renowned. At PolArt Sydney 2022, you and your family will experience the best that Polish arts and culture has to offer. Through December and January Sydney will be filled with events spanning the ages from early classical music concerts and folk dance performances, to visual media and theatrical workshops that weave in the hopes and joys of the present. PolArt Sydney 2022 will celebrate the diversity, beauty and richness of Poland’s long-held traditions and exemplify how they continue to influence contemporary society.

PolArt has proudly showcased Polish culture through art, dance, literature, music and theatre to Australian audiences for more than 45 years. The all-ages family friendly festival draws crowds in the hundreds of thousands. It is the largest and longest-running festival of its kind outside of Poland. PolArt features unique local and international Polish artists and performers. The 15th festival returns to Sydney in December 2022, inviting audiences from all over Australia and New Zealand to see, hear, taste and feel all things Polish. PolArt Sydney 2022 festival dates are 27 December 2022 – 6 January 2023, inclusive.


Originating in Sydney under the name of ArtPol in 1975, the festival was the brainchild of the Federation of Polish Women in Australia and New Zealand and was created to promote and contribute to the multicultural character of both nations. This truly remarkable community initiative unites communities across Australia and New Zealand with first, second, third and now fourth generation Polish youth the main performers and volunteers.

PolArt festivals are held every 3-4 years in capital cities around Australia. They have been held in Sydney (1975, 1991, 2003), Adelaide (1981, 1994, 2009), Brisbane (1988, 2000, 2018), Melbourne (1984, 1997, 2015), Hobart (2006) and Perth (2012), with each festival growing larger and more popular than the previous.

Previous Sydney performances and exhibitions were held at the Sydney Opera House, Town Hall, Riverside Theatre, International Convention Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney Museum and the Argyle Galleries at the Rocks.

On Sale Now

The Grand Tour of Poland: A Tapestry of Dance

Time: 3 January 2023 @ 7:30 pm – 3 January 2023 @ 10:15 pm

International Classical Music Concert

Time: 5 January 2023 @ 4:00 pm – 5 January 2023 @ 6:00 pm