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30 September 2020 – Polart Sydney 2022 Logo

The PolArt Sydney 2022 Logo

Inspired by the overarching theme of PolArt Sydney 2022 – ‘A Polish Tapestry Through  Time’ – the PolArt Sydney 2022 logo is reminiscent of a subtle artistic element found  commonly around the Polish home – koronka (lace). This intricate creative detail found on traditional folk clothing, everyday home-wears, and festive decorations, ties together all aspects of Polish life, culture and art. It is a traditional item that has also traversed time into the contemporary Polish psyche.  

The design was developed by committee member Jonathan (Johnny) Chawa, who  has attended the past six consecutive PolArt Festivals. Johnny’s objective was to  create a logo that was unique and that could be instantly recognisable and memorable.  Johnny cites inspiration from the Polish multi-disciplinary street artist Nespoon,  who paints, weaves, and adheres lace patterns in her larger-than-life installations.  The colour palette chosen is representative of the Polish flag – with red symbolising  energy, strength, passion and love.

“Why laces? Because in laces there is an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded  in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony…  isn’t that what we all seek instinctively?” – Nespoon